Bottle Effect on Volumetric and Level Fills

Two of the most popular bottle filling principles are filling by volume and filling to a level. Both are fairly self-explanatory, with volumetric fills allow packagers to fill each and every bottle with the same volume of liquid, while level fills allow each bottle to be filled to the same level, even if volume varies slightly from bottle to bottle. With either fill principle, the quality of the bottles will have some effect on the fill.

For a number of industries, filling bottles or other containers to a specific volume or certain range of volumes is a must. Volumetric filling machines help to ensure that the volume or range is met with each fill cycle. However, bottles that differ greatly in interior volume can leave some containers looking overfilled while others may seem short of product. Not only can this situation be unattractive to consumers, who may feel cheated with a bottle that seems less than full, but it can also make troubleshooting issues with the fill difficult, when a visual check cannot easily identify fills that are not hitting the correct or consistent volumes.

Using an overflow filler to fill to a level, on the other hand, eliminates the need to worry about inconsistent levels. These filling machines are ideal for clear or nearly clear bottles where the product fill line is visible on the shelf, creating an aesthetically pleasing line for consumers. However, when the interior volume of bottles vary greatly, level fills can lead to discrepancies in the actual volume of product that is getting into each volume. For those packagers that must hit a volumetric range, this can be an issue.

Unfortunately, liquid filling machines cannot correct the interior volume of the bottles that they fill. For some packagers, this may not be an issue, but for those that must meet certain volumetric standards, interior bottle volume can be key in finding the best packaging solution. With today's technology, very rarely will bottles be manufactured that vary greatly from bottle to bottle in interior volume. But a conversation with a bottle manufacturer early on can save time and money in the future. Packagers should ensure that the bottles they choose to use on their production line will meet their own needs when it comes to packaging product. Having quality glass or plastic bottles will open up different options for packaging machinery and product preparation.

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