Bottle Loading Options for Round and Non-Round Containers

For any automatic packaging system, quickly loading bottles at the beginning of the line is step one to an efficient process. Without sufficient containers available, the machines which make up the line simply cannot work to their full potential. Of course, bottles come in all shapes and sizes, which leads to multiple options for container loading.

In rare cases, manual labor may be used to simply load bottles straight on to a conveyor belt. Bottle hoppers can assist with this task by allowing bulk containers to be dumped in to the hopper, granting the operator of the line easy access to the containers. However, hand placing bottles will likely be an inefficient solution for packaging lines that require any type of speed or that run consistently throughout the work day. Hand placing bottles is typically a solution for short run or low production facilities.

For most packaging lines, two options will be used depending on the type of bottle or bottles that are run on the system. Loading turntables provide a simple yet effective solution for loading containers at the beginning of the packaging process. These tables can be manufactured with a loading deadplate that allows boxes or cartons of containers to sit at the edge of the table for quick bottle loading. A bottle guide then moves containers to the outside of the turntable top for delivery to the main conveyor line.

While loading turntables can handle a wide range of bottles, when the containers are not round they can cause some issues with bottle jams or backups. For non-round bottles, a popular loading option is the laning conveyor. The laning conveyor is normally manufactured with an extended loading table that also allows boxes, bags or other bulk containers to sit on the table. The bottles are then unloaded and placed in to lanes on a wide conveyor. By using multiple, and adjustable, lanes, this loading conveyor can handle a wide range of containers shapes and sizes and presents rows of bottles to the main packaging line conveyor system.

For high speed lines, packagers may use a bottle unscrambler as well. The bottle unscrambler simply allows the operator of a packaging line to dump bulk containers in to a bottle hopper. From there, the machine will sort and orient the bottles to present them to the main power conveyor to take to the other machinery on the packaging line. Though an option for nearly any system, the bottle unscrambler is rarely seen on other than the fastest of systems.

Bottle loading options can be tailored to fit the specific project at hand, including custom systems. To learn more about bottle loading options or for assistance finding the ideal option for your own project, contact Liquid Packaging Solutions today.