Bottled Water Plants - Filling Machines


In choosing a filler for your bottled water plant, you will want to consider your market, your production needs and your floor space. The most common types of filling machines for bottled water are overflow fillers and gravity fillers. Each type of filler has its own advantages, which will be discussed further below.

You must first consider the size of your market. And in considering your targeted market for your bottled water plant, you should be able to estimate your production. Are you looking to break into the local market with your bottled water? If so, you may be able to start with an upgradable tabletop filler. Choose a low production filling machine that can be upgraded in the future as your business and market both grow.

If you are looking to compete with name brand bottled water in a regional or national market, the tabletop filler will probably not meet your production needs. For higher production bottled water plants, and bottled water plants that want to compete in a larger market, an automatic filling machine must be considered. Both the tabletop fillers and the automatic fillers are available with an overflow fill or a gravity fill.

Finally, you must insure that you have the space needed for the filling machine necessary to meet your production needs. An automatic overflow filler will normally be a part of an inline packaging system. It may include a large conveyor system with other packaging machinery, such as cappers, labelers, rinsers, and more. If your space is limited, you may have to rethink your target market and start with a compact, tabletop filling system until your product becomes a success! Tabletop fillers may stand alone, allowing the user to simply fill the bottles and manually move them to a new packaging phase (like capping or labeling). However, a tabletop filling system can incorporate a capper, induction sealer or other packaging machinery on a uniframe system.

The type of filler you choose to use for your bottled water plant can depend on a wide range of factors. Some of the most common factors include: bottle size, range of bottle sizes and production needs. The overflow filler is probably the most popular filling machine for bottled water. An overflow fill head nozzle will dive into the water bottle and create a seal over the opening. When the water reaches a certain level, it will "overflow" out of the bottle (usually back into a supply tank on the overflow filler). The overflow method of filling allows for a cosmetic fill on all bottles that are filled. In other words, if your bottles are lined up on a shelf for sale, each and every bottle will be filled to the same level. Due to the seal on the bottle and the overflow of water, the overflow filler also allows higher production speeds than most filling machines!

Gravity fillers are also a popular option for bottled water plants. Gravity fillers fill containers based on time. The time based filling method makes the gravity filler a versatile filler, able to handle containers from one ounce up to five gallons. For irregular shaped containers or containers with various shapes, the gravity filler has the advantage of filling each container with the same volume of water!

Custom and specialty fillers are also available for special filling applications! No matter the type or size of filler that you need for your packaging system, LPS can help you find a filling solution!

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