Bottled Water Plants - Water Treatment

Water Treatment

With federal, state and local oversight of the bottled water industry, along with the standards of the International Bottled Water Association, almost any bottled water plant is likely to require some type of water treatment system. The different types of water treatment for bottled water are briefly described below along with the benefits of each:

Simple Filtration

The easiest way to purify your water is through simple filtration. A simple filter on a packaging system between the water supply and the filling machinery can keep out larger contaminants and debris. Charcoal or paper filters are often used in private homes. Most likely, however, these types of filters may not provide enough filtration to meet the requirements set out for bottling water. The systems that follow are the most common for bottled water.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis involves the movement of water through a membrane with microscopic openings that allow water molecules to pass through while keeping larger compounds out. Reverse osmosis works to remove impurities from the water. Some of these impurities may include dissolved solids, like pesticides or herbicides. The reverse osmosis system can be tailored to remove the impurities that are found in your water supply, making this system both popular and effective for bottled water.


Ozonation is a water treatment process that destroys bacteria and other microorganisms through an infusion of ozone. Ozone is a strong disinfectant, but will not remain in water for a long period of time.

Ultraviolet Light exposure

Ultraviolet radiation can also be used as a germicidal treatment for water. Ultraviolet light is effective against both bacteria and viruses. An advantage of the UV filtration is that the light will not leave any odor or taste in the water you are filtering for your bottled water plant.

Mineral Injection system

A popular water treatment alternative which is NOT a filtering system. The mineral injection system is just what it sounds like, a system to add minerals to your bottled water. With a worldwide focus on health, more and more bottlers of water are utilizing mineral injection systems to add appeal to their bottled water.

These filtering and injection systems may be used alone or in combination when bottling water. Again, your water analysis will determine the type of water treatment necessary for your bottled water plant. The size of the system will also depend on the production, or the amount of water, you will be using in a given day. For questions on water treatment systems, please feel free to contact Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. toll free at 1-888-393-3693.

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