Cap Attack!

Cap Attack!

We are going to talk one more time about sealing bottles, since time is quickly running out to save on selected bottle cappers from Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.  From now until May 16th, 2014, packagers can save on a wide selection of different machines, ranging from semi-automatic to completely automated machines with cap delivery systems.  If you are looking to increase the speed, consistency and reliability of your sealing process, do not hesitate to call LPS toll free today at 1-888-393-3693.


Automatic capping machines offer speed over hand capping and semi-automatic machines.  Once production demands reach a certain level, automatic cappers almost become a necessity.  These machines will include delivery systems that will leave the operator of a packaging line with the simple task of occasionally replenishing bulk caps.  Other than this task, operators will only be required to monitor the line and perform adjustments for changeover, set up and maintenance.  Automatic cappers include chuck, spindle, snap, ROPP and custom machinery.


One of the biggest issues with sealing bottles by hand is the lack of consistency.  It is unlikely that two people will consistently tighten bottles in the same way.  Some lids may be loose, some over-tightened, which can be discouraging to consumers.  Knowing that safety and security are a major customer concern, imagine grabbing a drink off the shelf and the cap is loose.  Most consumers would replace the drink and look for one with a tight seal, maybe even choosing a different product.  Inconsistent sealing can ultimately lead to lost sales, even if the product has not been compromised in any way.  Capping machines remove the problem of inconsistent tightening.  Whether semi-automatic or automatic, once the machine is set up correctly, caps will be tightened consistently.


From consistent tightening comes a reliable process and product.  From the packaging standpoint, operators of the machinery can handle the entire line knowing that the capping machine will continue to perform as long as the set up is correctly done.  No loose caps, cross-threads, over-torqued lids.  No spills, splashes or lost product while running production.  From the consumers standpoint, as touched on above, a reliably sealed product is a safe product, so that bottle cappers actually help strengthen consumer trust in a product.  

Each of these benefits can be found in all of the different capper types at the automatic level.  With some projects, semi-automatic machinery may not even offer a significant increase in speed, but the benefits of consistent and reliable tightening still make the machines an asset to the packager.  To learn more about the different capping equipment offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions, simply browse the capper section of our website or call our offices and speak to a Packaging Specialist.