Cap off the Winter with Liquid Packaging Solutions Spring Sale

Cap Off the Winter with Liquid Packaging Solutions Spring Sale

After what has seemed like a never ending winter season, we are starting to thaw out here at Liquid Packaging Solutions.  Following two different state of emergency declarations that caused us to keep our doors shut for multiple days this winter and more parking lot shoveling than we can remember, the past few weeks have finally been business as usual.  As we see some green and the temperature finally starts a steady climb, we thought it appropriate to cap off winter with a special sale on our capping and sealing equipment.
From now through May 16, 2014, select capping machines and other sealing equipment will be on sale.  This equipment ranges from tabletop capping machines to completely automated equipment including cap delivery systems.  Tabletop and semi-automatic bottle cappers can be manufactured to handle different cap types, including screw on caps, snap on lids, T-corks and others.  These machines will require some operator assistance, such as placing the cap on the bottle and/or positioning bottles under capping heads.  
Automatic capping machines can handle the same variety of cap types and will normally include vibratory bowls, cap elevators or some other form of automatically delivering caps to the machine.  These machines remove the need for an operator to hand place caps on each bottle and/or position bottles under the capping head.  Instead, a power conveyor system indexes bottles in and out of the cap area, leaving the operator to simply monitor the packaging line and replenish bulk caps from time to time.
Whether just starting out, expanding or upgrading or looking for a completely new packaging line, LPS will work with your company to find the ideal capping solution for any project.  Starting with the bottle, cap and production requirements, will will identify the type of capping principle necessary and the level of automation required.  From there, individual project requirements, customer desire and expected growth will help to tailor the machine to the specific job at hand, with custom capping equipment available for unique projects.
After the sale, our technicians are available for training and installation of the bottle cappers.  Our packaging specialists will work with those who will operate the machinery on site to ensure an understanding of machine set up, changeover and general functioning.  Should problems arise once production begins, these same techs are only a phone call away to work through any unforeseen issues or to simply supply an operator with a refresher on machine use.
In addition to manufacturing a range of different capping machines, LPS also keeps in stock replacement parts for these machines.  From inserts to wheels to belts, we will also be running special pricing on select capper parts through May 16th, 2014.  Both departments, sales and parts, can be reached toll free at 1-888-393-3693, so don't hesitate to put a lid on winter and prepare yourself for your summer production runs!