Capping Machine Summer Special!

Capping Machine Summer Special!

Hopefully the loading turntables offered in our Spring Special helped everyone get their bottles and containers onto the conveyor system and started down the packaging line.  For our Summer Special, we turn our attention to protecting the product by offering a free upgrade on any new spindle capper.  Any company purchasing a spindle capping machine in June or July of 2013 will receive a free upgrade to a double gripper assembly for tall, oddly shaped or otherwise difficult to handle bottles.

For those not familiar with the spindle capper, the machine can be manufactured on the portable frame to perform both automatically and semi-automatically.  The main difference between the automation levels is the existence or non-existence of a cap delivery system.  The cap delivery system will normally consist of either a cap elevator or a vibratory bowl that sorts the caps and delivers them to the packaging machine.

The spindle capper itself will use a certain number of sets of spinning disks (usually three or four) to tighten a screw type cap onto a bottle or container.  On the semi-automatic model, the operator of the capping machine will place a cap on each bottle before introducing the combination to the machine.  On the automatic model, the bottle or container will strip one cap from a chute just before entering the capping area of the machine.  As the bottle and cap pass each set of spinning disks, the cap is tightened down in a consistent and reliable manner.

Of course, to remain consistent and reliable, the spindle capper must keep the bottle and the cap steady during this process.  For a number of container types and sizes, a single set of gripper belts will stabilize the bottle as it moves through the capping machine.  Disks and belts are adjustable, and a stabilizer bar may also help to keep the cap steady throughout the process.  Many bottles and containers, however, need the additional support of double gripper belts to ensure this stability and guard against cross threading, bottle tipping and other issues that may lead to inconsistency in the capping process.  For facilities that run multiple bottle sizes and shapes, the double gripper assembly is almost a necessity on a spindle capper, helping to ensure that all of the different containers can be handled by the packaging machine.  

For the next two months, up to and including July 31, 2013, LPS will upgrade all spindle capper orders to include the double gripper assembly, saving the packager approximately $3,100.00.  For more information on spindle cappers, double gripper assemblies or any of the packaging machinery manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, contact a representative today at 1-888-393-3693.

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