Chat with LPS Post-PACK EXPO Connects

With PACK EXPO 2020 now behind us, we wanted to take a moment to say a quick thank you to all of those packagers that attended, visited the Liquid Packaging Solutions showroom, watched demos of LPS equipment or simply said hello! After a rough start due to some technical difficulties with the PE Connects website, LPS pre-recorded some demos of both the Overflow Filling Machine and the Automatic Spindle Capper. Both of those demos can still be seen On Demand at the LPS showroom of the PACK EXPO event.

We understand that for those packagers who attended the show on Monday, there may have been some frustration with the event, especially for those who mapped out a plan for the show. If for any reason you were not able to chat with LPS representatives on the first day of the show, or could not reach out to us during PACK EXPO Connects, we would like to invite attendees to reach out to us directly. There are several different ways to connect to Erik Arndt and Don Timm, who hosted the showroom during PACK EXPO Connects.

For questions about the demos, projects or any other topic, either Don or Erik can be reached Toll-Free at 1-888-393-3693 during regular business hours, which are 8 AM to 5 PM Central Time, Monday through Friday. If those hours are not convenient, both representatives can be reached directly through email as well:

Erik Arndt, Sales and Marketing:
Don Timm, Sales Manager:

Attendees can also reach out through the LPS website, using one of several methods on the site. For specific products or lines, a quote request form can be filled out on each page of the product or line. More general inquiries can be made through the Quick Connect form found on each page of the website, and representatives are typically available during regular business hours to chat and answer questions as well.

We understand the frustration of the Technical Difficulties experienced by PACK EXPO on the first day of the show and thereafter, and we share in those frustrations. LPS apologizes for any inconvenience caused by those Technical Difficulties and hopes that anyone who was unable to reach us during the show will reach out in one of the several manners noted above!

Now that the show has completed, here's to a great end of the year for all packagers across the United States and around the world!!!