Components of a Spindle Capper

Liquid Packaging Solutions automatic spindle capper includes three distinct components: a cap sorting device, a cap chute, and the cap tightener. Each of these components of the capping machine is crucial to achieving a quality seal on your containers.


The most common cap sorting devices used on Liquid Packaging Solutions spindle cappers are cap elevators and vibratory bowls. The cap sorting elevator uses a cleated conveyor belt to feed caps up to the elevator chute and into the main capper chute for delivery to the bottles to be capped. Of course, caps must be correctly oriented when presented to the cap tightening component of the capping machine. Utilizing height and tilt adjustments, the cap elevator will automatically reject caps traveling backwards and drop them back into the cap elevator hopper.

The vibratory bowl for the spindle capper uses air jets along with the vibration to move caps to the main capper chute. Again, caps must be presented to the chute in the correct manner to insure that the cap tightener will perform correctly. Any caps traveling with the wrong alignment will be blown off track by the air jets before being presented to the capper chute. A vibratory bowl can handle a wide range of cap types and sizes and is an ideal choice for packaging systems running many different product, container and cap types.


The cap chute presents the cap for the bottle just prior to entering the cap tightening component of the spindle capper. Side rails hold the cap in place as it drops into the capper chute for presentation. Cap chute fingers on the sides of the cap and a cap tongue on top help to hold the cap in place for the bottle. Simple adjustments can be made to the chute to handle different size caps.


The cap tightening component fo the spindle cap tightener includes a stabilizer bar and sets of tightening discs with clutches. The stabilizer bar holds the cap in place as the cap, gripper belts hold the container in place. As the cap and container move through the spindle capper, the discs rotate and spin the cap down, with the clutches allowing for the desired torque. Discs and belts are adjustable to allow the spindle capper to run production on various bottles. A power height adjustment makes changeover to a taller or short bottle simple.

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