Connect with Liquid Packaging Solutions on Social Media

Connect with Liquid Packaging Solutions on Social Media

If you are reading this blog, you have probably already discovered Liquid Packaging Solution's website.  We strive to bring to our visitors an organized and informative website, though admittedly, there is definitely a lot of information to cover.  This stems in part from all of the different products that we help to package, leading to many different categories of equipment, each category with just as many varieties of machinery listed in subcategories.  So with all this information, you might be asking yourself why the need to follow LPS on social media?  


While we do provide a wealth of packaging information on our own website, Facebook and Google + allow us the opportunity to give our visitors a behind the scenes look at LPS.  On these two social media sites visitors will find pictures and videos of current projects on the production floor, from simple talbetop packaging machines to fully automatic fill, cap and label lines to R&D type projects for new and unique products and packages.  In addition, LPS offers our Facebook and Google + fans special savings from time to time on different packaging machines.


LPS tweets provide another source for current happenings at both LPS and in the packaging industry in general.  LPS tweets will also include photos, videos or special offers on occasion.  Tweets will also give our followers some insight as to the industries we serve and the machinery we design and build.


Linked in offers visitors the opportunity to learn a bit more about the company in general and, eventually, the people that make up the company.  Contact LPS on this site if you are interested in becoming involved in the packaging industry and/or have some interest in employment opportunities within LPS.


Videos, videos and more videos.  What better way to assess packaging equipment than to watch the machinery perform?  The videos we upload to our YouTube channel offer a look at equipment both in its final state and in the manufacturing process on our production floor.  From simple turntables and conveyors to fully automated packaging lines with liquid fillers, capping machines and labeling equipment, our videos allow visitors to explore options and get some sense of what might or might not work for their own packaging process.  
So while we do try to offer as much useful information on our equipment right here on our website, we still encourage people to follow us on the various social media sites for a deeper look at the company, the equipment and the processes while also receiving special offers on equipment from time to time.