Corrosion Resistant Packaging Machinery

Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures packaging machinery for a wide variety of products, from bottled water and juices to fragrances and chemicals.  Of course, each and every product run through our packaging machines has its own specific characteristics.  Some of these products require manufacturing to move away from the more common manufacturing materials of stainless steel or aluminum.  For corrosive products, Liquid Packaging Solutions offers many different packaging machines in materials such as HDPE.

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) is resistant to many different solvents and chemicals and therefore offers corrosion protection in applications where certain chemicals or other products may damage a machine made from metal!

Liquid Packaging Solutions offers corrosion resistant HDPE fillers in both tabletop and automatic models!  The tabletop filler comes equipped with easy height adjustment as well as a four foot slide track that includes fingertip knob guide rail adjustment for easy changeover to different size bottles.  Operation is easy as the user simply places the bottles under the fill heads and starts the fill cycle by stepping on a footswitch! 

The Automatic Corrosion Resistant HDPE Filler includes a power height adjustment for different size containers.  In addition, this filling machine includes automatic bottle indexing, no-bottle, no-fill vision system and anti-bottle back up sensors. 

Both the tabletop and the Automatic Corrosion Resistant Fillers come with a poly filler reservoir, PLC based operator interface and FDA approved PVC tubing for customer specific applications!

In addition, Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures conveyors using HDPE to compliment the Corrosion Resistant Filling Machines described above.

If you have an application that requires corrosion resistant packaging machinery, or if you would like to add to an already existing HDPE packaging system, please feel free to contact Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. toll free at: