Craft Distillers Continue to Grow

Craft Distilleries Continue to Grow 

In ten years, according to statistics by the American Distilling Institute, the number of craft distillers in the United States has gone from approximately 70 to nearly 400.  For a number of reasons the growth of distilleries in the United States is expected to continue the upswing seen in the past several years.
It seems that in most cases, starting a craft distillery is an individual goal, a return to a family tradition or has some other personal element involved.  In our experiences working with smaller distillers, the owners, brewers and distillers are not just a part of their company, they are the company.  Involvement such as this, as well as pride in the product being produced, often leads to greater success.
Restrictions on distilling, at both the state and federal level, have been relaxed in recent years, making it easier for new distilleries to find their niche.  This is not to say that anyone can open up shop and start serving whiskey, brandy or any other spirit.  Distillers should make themselves aware of the federal rules and regulations, such as licensing, as well as any restrictions, rules or regulations at the state level.  Each state will have their own laws and requirements regarding craft distilleries.  So while certain rules need to be followed, the dream of opening up a craft distillery is much more accessible than it was just a decade ago. 
Despite the fact that spirits have been around for, well, pretty much as long as the country has been around, the industry itself could still be considered new, thanks to the relaxed laws mentioned above.  Though growth has been quick, there will always be room for a new and unique flavor, story or product.  The industry also allows for the ability to serve a regional, national or even global market depending on the desires of the distiller. 
At Liquid Packaging Solutions, we have produced both semi-automatic and automatic packaging machinery for distillers small and large.  Some start up distilleries use tabletop machinery to produce a handful of bottles a day, filling and capping in a limited space.  Others have reached a level where automatic filling machines, capping machines and other packaging equipment are necessary to meet their current demand.  More than any other product or industry, we have found that building machinery for craft distillers brings with it an interesting back story as well as a excitement for the business and the brews.  The distillers that we have worked with are proud of their products - and tend to be generous with their samples, which we don't mind...
While the packaging machinery is only one component of taking a spirit to market, we encourage anyone considering the industry, or those already in the industry, to call and talk to our packaging specialists about the options available to distillers.