Current Projects - A Sampling of LPS Products

Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures a variety of packaging machinery, with almost all equipment custom built to fit the needs of the individual packager. So the machinery found on the plant floor at the La Porte, Indiana plant will vary at any given time depending on the needs of the current packagers with which we are working. To give a little insight into what may be seen on the production floor, here's a sampling of some of the current projects at LPS!

Molten Pump Filling Machine

As part of a packaging line, the LPS crew is currently working on finishing up a liquid filler for molten product. The filling machine will run automatically to fill bottles while keeping the product temperature at a high enough level to keep it flowing. Molten products always present a challenge in keeping product temperature consistent and high enough as well as ensuring the product cools properly to avoid damage to the bottle, product or even the seal on the bottle. Cooling conveyors are often used in conjunction with molten filling machines to allow product to set or gel before moving to the next packaging phase, which will typically be sealing or capping the bottles.

Rinsing Equipment

LPS has multiple container cleaning projects currently on the production floor, both automatic and semi-automatic in nature. The automatic rinsing machine flips containers over before blasting them with clean air to remove dust and debris. Once the cleaned containers are returned to the power conveyor, they will then move to a bottle filler to receive product. The semi-automatic model requires operators to place bottles on rinse nozzles and activate cleaning by stepping on a foot switch. Once the rinse is complete, the operator will then move the containers to the next phase of packaging.

Overflow Filler

The overflow filling machine is a common sight on the floor at LPS, as it is one of our most popular pieces of equipment. The current machine being manufactured works automatically with eight fill heads. The overflow nozzles descend to create a seal on the bottle and product is released into the bottles until a certain level is reached. Once the desired level is reached, product "overflows" into a recirculating tank, allowing for a cosmetic fill where each and every bottle will be filled to the same level even with small discrepancies in the interior volume of the bottles being filled.

Corking Machine

Capping machinery is also a popular item on the LPS production floor and a corking machine, popular with distilleries, olive oil packagers and wineries, is just about ready to head to the end user. Corking machines, like most capping equipment, can also be manufactured as either semi-automatic or automatic equipment. Automatic equipment will include an automatic cap delivery system that only requires an operator to replenish bulk corks from time to time.

The production floor remains busy as we look to move into the end of the third quarter, and with PACK EXPO just around the corner, LPS expects to stay extremely busy through the rest of 2016! Of course, the above projects represent only a small portion of the equipment manufactured by LPS.  To see all of our offerings, simply browse the website or call our offices to speak with a representative.