Custom Packaging Machinery for Atypical Packaging Projects

As we have stated before, an argument can be made that all packaging machinery is custom packaging machinery in that each piece of equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions will be built specifically for the product, package, label, closure and other components of the project. However, there are certain pacakges that truly require more than just modification to a standard design. Such projects are not always one-time projects, but are rather more rare than what is referred to as standard machinery. Below are a few examples of projects that are seen less often and require a little more in the way of custom manufacturing.

Inserting Machines

A number of products on the market today use some type of insert in their bottle or other container. For instance, think of nail polish or eye drops. Both of these products contain an insert into the bottle. While not a completely custom project, automating the packaging process to include some type of inserting machine is less common than simply filling, capping and labeling an item. The design and manufacture of an inserting machine will depend on exactly how the components are pieced together. A brush may be inserted into a bottle, with the cap then snapping on to the brush. Some inserts and caps may be in one piece, requiring a different configuration for getting them into the bottle and tightly sealed. Each inserting machine will be custom built to fit the needs of the specific project at hand.


Sometimes small containers and oddly shaped containers need a little help making it through an automated packaging system without tipping or falling over. When this is the case, a puck will often be used to stabilize the containers. Simply put, the container sits in a flat bottom puck which then moves smoothly and easily down a power conveyor system, to the filler, capper, labeler and other machinery in use. Sometimes the automation of these systems will include the removal of the container from the puck after the filling and capping, at a minimum, has been completed. De-puckers may take several different forms, with a pick and place system popular. Again, de-puckers are not unheard of in the packaging world, but they are far from common, and the design and manufacture of the system will be done specifically for the container, closure and process at hand.

Custom Containers

Oddly shaped bottles may require modification to container cleaning equipment, fillers, cappers and labelers to work properly. But from time to time, a completely new container may come into play. For example, clamshells and wide mouth jars for molten products. Again, these items are not something that will only be used by a single product, but they are put in use rarely compared to glass or plastic bottles. Truly custom containers will often require truly unique solutions for filling with product, securely sealing and even applying a label. With no standard starting point, it is projects like these that require true innovation and creativity to build automated packaging systems for high demand products.

For these truly unique products, containers, caps, labels and other components, the process of designing, engineering and manufacturing the machines is one of the most rewarding experiences at LPS. By using customer samples specific to the unique project, our Packaging Specialists are able to tackle the challenge of unusual packaging choices that allow companies to stand out from the competition. For more information on custom packaging machinery, or to simply discuss your own ideas, feel free to contact LPS directly to speak to a representative.