Custom Packaging Machines and Systems

Custom packaging equipment can stem from unique products, bottles, caps or other packaging components. Custom packaging systems may stem from all of these, from the space available for packaging a product or even the simple desire of the packager to set up a different system for their workers.

In some sense, every packaging machine manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions is a custom machine. This is true because LPS does not sell machinery "off the shelf". Instead, every machine is manufactured to meet the specific needs of the packager with which LPS is working. An analysis of the product, bottles, production demand and other components of a project will determine not only which machines will be used, but the way the machines will be built, including such things as tubing type and nozzles for filling equipment, spindle disk durometer for capping machines and similar considerations.

However, on rare occasions one or more components will of a packaging project will be so unique that modifications to typical machinery simply will not work. Though these situations are rare, such packagers face the same issues as those with more typical products, bottles, caps or needs in general. Over time, if the demand for the product grows, the packager will need to find ways to automate the process of preparing the liquids for the shelf. In these cases, engineering will work with the packaging specialists and the packager to find a solution outside the box, so to speak, that will work to efficiently and effectively package products.

One common issue for complete packaging systems occurs when limited floor space is available for the machinery and process. Custom packaging systems may use alternative indexing systems in order to reduce necessary space, like a starwheel and monoblock packaging system versus an inline system. In other cases, automatic and semi-automatic equipment may be combined to save space while still keeping the process efficient.

The challenge to creating truly custom packaging machinery is that the need for the equipment and the solutions come from the packagers themselves. LPS never knows what products, bottles, caps or labels will require the next custom packaging solution! While manufacturing custom equipment can be a challenge, these are also the projects that LPS looks forward to the most, allowing those in the company to apply years of packaging experience to new and unusual projects.

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