East Pack 2011 in Two Weeks - Free Passes Available



Liquid Packaging Solutions will once again be traveling to New York City for the annual EastPack show at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.  LPS will be located in booth 3357 from June 7th thru June 9th with representatives available to demonstrate some of our packaging machinery, discuss liquid packaging line alternatives or simply answer questions regarding liquid packaging equipment.

As always, Liquid Packaging Solutions will be showcasing several packaging machines at the EastPack show.  This year, two of the most popular pieces of automatic packaging machines will make the journey to the Big Apple with us.  Our automatic overflow filling machine can be used to package a variety of low and medium viscosity products such as water, shampoo and certain chemicals.  This filling machine is also ideal for foamy products such as liquid soap and windshield washer fluid, as the overflow principle allows a consistent, level fill in every bottle despite the foam.  Many times, the overflow filler will also be the best choice for products that contain fine particulates such as salad dressings. 

This filling machine can be manufactured with anywhere from two to a maximum of sixteen fill heads, allowing the overflow filler to handle almost any production requirement.  The machine is easily upgradeable to sixteen heads in the future if a company chooses to begin production with less than the maximum number of heads.  In addition, changeover from one container type or size to another is simple on the overflow filler, requiring no special tools.  Visit LPS in Booth 3357 at EastPack and see this versatile, simple to use filling machine in action!

The second piece of equipment featured at EastPack will be the automatic spindle capping machine.  The spindle capper, like the overflow filler, is capable of handling a wide range of container and cap types and sizes and in most cases can easily be changed over from one bottle and cap type to another.  The spindle capper uses multiple sets of spinning wheels to twist or spin the cap onto the container and create a secure seal.  The automatic capping machine includes a cap delivery system as well, allowing for continuous bottle capping and leaving the operator of the capping equipment only to occasionally replenish bulk caps.  Most of the cap delivery systems consist of a cap elevator to correctly orient caps and a cap chute to deliver the caps to the bottles.  Some capping systems may require a vibratory bowl or centrifugal bowl to replace the cap elevator.  Extra large caps or wide caps, for instance, may require the bowls.  Again, you can visit Liquid Packaging Solutions in Booth 3357 for a demonstration of our automatic spindle capper.

Anyone familiar with LPS knows that we manufacture so much more than fillers and cappers, and that we provide packaging equipment for inline packaging systems or as individual equipment to get one phase - filling, capping, labeling, etc. - of the packaging process completed.  But since our booth size does not allow us to display all our manufactured equipment, we will also offer literature as well as video demonstrations of some of our equipment.  Of course, LPS representatives will be on hand all hours of the show to discuss packaging dilemmas, consult on packaging equipment or demonstrate machinery.  If you would like to attend EastPack FREE OF CHARGE, or if you want to let us know to keep an eye out for you or set up an appointment time, contact LPS today at 1-888-393-3693.