End of Summer Specials on Spare Parts

End of Summer Specials on Spare Parts

When the sun is shining, it can sometimes be a little too easy to lose focus and think about fun stuff like grilling out, hitting the beach or jumping in the pool.  Distractions can even come with the not so fun stuff like mowing the grass and otherwise cleaning up the yard.  As summer comes to a close, there may be some necessary housekeeping at the office as well.  For this reason, Liquid Packaging Solutions is offering discounts on spare parts from now until the end of September.  


LPS manufactures a variety of power conveyors, from low profile and C-frame styles to loading and cooling conveyors.  Call before the end of the month to stock up on conveyor belting, sprockets, guiderail and more.  Remember to keep extend the life of the conveyor system  by wiping down the conveyors on a regular basis, keeping dust, debris or product from building up in areas that could cause problems over time.


Whether using an air rinser, wet rinser or bottle vacuum, extra nozzles, air regulators and airline can rid a line of downtime with quick replacement of components.  Keeping clean air or liquid running through the bottle rinsers ensures smooth operation for extended periods of time as well.  Always check that air lines are not clogged and that the regulator is doing its job.


From nozzles to nozzle tips, seals and brackets, LPS stocks all the parts necessary to keep a filling machine running at maximum production.  We suggest keeping a few extra wear parts, such as nozzle seals and O-rings, on the shelf and available when the time comes for replacement.  Keeping the product pathway clean and wiping down the liquid filler after every production day will help get the most out of the bottle filling wear parts.


Spindle disks, chuck inserts, gearboxes and more will be on sale until the end of September for any and all capping machines.  Again, wear parts such as the disks and gripper belts on a spindle capper will eventually need to be changed out on bottle cappers.  Save a day or two of production by keeping these items on your shelf.  Monitor the the tightness of the disks and the belts to avoid quick, excessive wear on these parts.  
LPS also has various Schedule 80 plumbing parts still in stock at clearance prices as well as a number of parts for OEM machines.  Contact our Parts Department toll free at 1-888-393-3693 for a special discount during our End of Summer Parts Sale.  Just mention this blog for extra savings!