Factory Acceptance Tests for Packaging Machinery

Packaging Machinery - Factory Acceptance Test

Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. encourages each and every purchaser of packaging equipment to visit our plant in LaPorte, Indiana, to watch your packaging machine run your product before being shipped to the production floor.  The Factory Acceptance Test serves several purposes that can save time and money for both the customer and LPS.  Whether container cleaning equipment, liquid fillers, capping machines, labelers or even a belt conveyor system, the Factory Acceptance Test ensures that the machine is functioning properly, that expectations are met and allows for necessary changes before the packaging equipment reaches its final destination.
The most obvious purpose of the Factory Acceptance Test is to ensure that the packaging machinery works with the customer product and container.  Each liquid filling machine needs to consistently and efficiently fill the bottles.  Rinsing machines must invert bottles without slipping or dropping the bottle.  Capping machines must keep all bottles stable while consistently securing each cap and bottle combination.  The Factory Acceptance Test lets each customer see that the machine functions in a manner that allows it to complete its intended purpose.
However, sometimes functioning for an intended purpose is simply not enough.  The Factory Acceptance Test allows customers the opportunity to ensure that the packaging machinery not only functions, but meets or exceeds customer expectations.  For example, the Factory Acceptance Test allows a customer to see not only that their overflow filling machine is capable of filling bottles, but that it does so at a rate of 60 bottles per minute.  A customer purchasing a chuck capping machine can rest easy knowing that the machine not only tightens caps, but does so in a manner that each cap is tightly and securely on the bottle.  So, the Factory Acceptance Test ensures not only that the packaging machinery works, but also that it meets customer expectations. 
Finally, there may exist circumstances that bring about a change between the initial order and the Factory Acceptance Test.  For example, an additional bottle size may be added that was not expected when the customer purchased their pump filler.  Even a new product may take shape prior to completion of the packaging equipment.  The Factory Acceptance Test is one last opportunity to make adjustments and tweaks to the packaging machinery before it reaches the customers production facility.  By making changes to the packaging equipment before it leaves Liquid Packaging Solutions, both our company and the customer can avoid costly charges such as airfare, hotels, labor and other travel expenses as well as the necessity to ship packaging machinery back and forth to achieve the desired results.
For all of the reasons stated above, LPS offers a Factory Acceptace Test for almost every machine manufactured, and encourages each and every customer to take advantage of this test.  With Liquid Packaging Solutions and each of our customers working toward a common goal, the Factory Acceptance Test is a crucial part of achieving that goal.  For more information on filling machines, capping equipment, container cleaning equipment or any of the other packaging machines manufactured by LPS, call a Packaging Specialist toll free at 1-888-393-3693.