Fill Cap and Label in 2014

Fill Cap and Label in 2014

As we are finally settling into 2014 following a deluge of snow and some bitterly cold weather, we would like to warm up January for current customers and some new faces as well!  For the rest of this first month of the year, Liquid Packaging Solutions will offer special discounts on all new fill, cap and label systems.  Of course, there are numerous ways to put together fill, cap and label systems, from completely automatic packaging lines to semi-automatic or tabletop machinery.  For the rest of this month, LPS packaging specialists will not only help you choose the best equipment for your needs, but will offer that equipment at a special price for this very limited time.  The following is just a brief overview of some of the different equipment available.


LPS manufactures filling equipment to handle a wide range of products, from thin, free-flowing liquids to highly viscous materials.  Automatic fillers will normally include power height adjustments and an easy to use touchscreen operator interface for set up and changeover from one bottle or one product to another.  Semi-automatic and tabletop machines will usually offer easy foot or finger switch activation for each fill cycle.  Different nozzles are also available for different products and filler types, allowing each machine to be custom tailored to the packaging project at hand.


Capping machines, like liquid fillers, come in many different shapes and forms.  However, the type of capping machine used will depend on the type of closure chosen for the package.  Spindle cappers and chuck cappers are very popular, in part because screw type caps are seen more than any other type of closure.  However, LPS also offers equipment for snap on closures, corks and stopper like closures and even ROPP caps.  These machines can also be manufactured to work on automatic packaging lines or as semi-automatic or tabletop machines for the specific cap being used.


Labelers can apply company logos, ingredients or other pieces of information to a product container in several different formats.  Depending on the package being used, a label may be applied to the front of the container, the front and back, wrapped around a bottle or even placed on the top or bottom of a package.  Product labels allow a company to introduce themselves to potential customers and play a large part in marketing a product.  Labeling machines, in all of the formats, can work inline on an automatic system or can be built to allow an operator to present each bottle for label application.
Again, from now until the end of the month, LPS will offer special pricing to any packager acquiring a fill, cap and label system.  Of course other equipment is available, including rinsing machines, conveyor systems, nitrogen purge equipment and more.  For assistance in identifying the necessary - and the right - equipment for your packaging project, contact our offices today!