Liquid Packaging Machinery Spare Parts - Spindle Capper

Liquid Packaging Solutions expanded and upgraded parts inventory at the beginning of the year!  As a result, we can now offer parts for numerous different packaging machines including fillers, cappers, rinsers, conveyors and more!  Over the next few weeks, we will include blogs on our website that will introduce you to our spare parts inventory for various different packaging machines.  Today, we will show you the most popular spare parts Liquid Packaging Solutions keeps on the shelf for one of our most popular packaging machines, the Automatic Spindle Capper. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the spindle capper, simply click the link below to see this machine:

The Spindle Capper presents caps to each bottle passing through the machine, either via a cap elevator and chute or a vibratory bowl.  Once the cap is set on the bottle, it moves through a set of gripper discs that tighten down the cap and deliver the bottle to the next packaging phase.

1.  Gripper Belts

The Automatic Spindle Capper uses gripper belts to stabilize bottles as they move through the capper.  The standard gripper belt for an LPS Spindle Capper is 3/4" wide with a neoprene gripping surface and a pitch of 3/8".  The part can be seen at:

2.  Gripper Discs

Gripper Discs come in various durometers, and LPS uses different colors for the different durometers.  The durometer is basically the hardness of the material of the disc.  Depending on your container type, you may need a softer (or lower durometer) disc like our red gripper discs, or you may need a harder, more rigid gripper disc (or higher durometer) like our gray gripper discs!  If you are unsure of which disc would work best for your container, feel free to call Liquid Packaging Solutions toll free at 1-888-393-3693.  To see an example of our gripper discs, click below!

3.  Spindle Capper Clutch

The clutch allows for just the right torque to be applied to the cap as it moves through the cap tightening section of the Spindle Capper.  The clutch is normally used on the last set of spindle discs on any given Spindle Capper.  To view the Spindle Capper Clutch, click on the link below!

4.  Gear Boxes, Left Hand and Right Hand

The gear boxes are found in the housing of the Automatic Spindle Capper and control the speed at which the gripper discs will turn.  Gear boxes are available in right hand and left hand formats.  To see a gearbox for the Spindle Capper, click on the link!

In addition to these replacement parts, LPS stocks the frame and housing components of the Spindle Capper, sprockets and chain, and all hardware, right down to the nuts and bolts!  If you have questions regarding the Spindle Capper or any of the parts, or if you are in need of replacement parts, call Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. toll free at: