Filling Machinery for Free Flowing Products

Filling Machinery for Free Flowing Products

Free flowing, low viscosity products can be placed in containers in a number of different ways depending on the end goal of the packager.  Some may simply want a consistent and level fill, so the product looks good on the shelf.  Others may want an accurate volume of product released into each container, while some may just want an economical way to get prodcut into the container efficiently and reliably.  Each of these aims can be achieved by a different type of filling machine, as discussed below.


For those packagers that require good aesthetic value, an overflow filler is probably the best choice.  The most common users of overflow fillers are those packagers that employ some type of see through, or clear, container.  If a consumer can see the product through the container when it sits on the shelf, a level fill in each container makes a much better presentation.  

The overflow filler makes it possible to achieve that consistent, level fill even when each bottle varies slightly in internal volume.  The overflow filling machine uses special nozzles that seal over the opening on each container.  Once the fluid reaches a certain level on each bottle, excess product overflows through a return port and back into the product supply tank, leaving each container with a fill level that is equal to all other containers.  


As the name implies, flow meter filling machines will measure the flow of a liquid to accommodate highly accurate fills.  For products that need a specific amount in each bottle, flow meter fillers are the ideal piece of packaging equipment.  Though we are discussing low viscosity products, flow meter fillers can normally handle a wide range of viscosities as well as container sizes small to large.  The product will run through the flow meters before moving to the nozzles and being deposited into the containers.  From the Food and Beverage Industry to the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical companies, flow meter fillers will reduce waste and ensure accurate doses of product in each container. 


Gravity filling equipment offers an economical, yet efficient manner of filling products where the aesthetic value of the fill is not an issue and slight variations in actual fill volume or weight are not a concern.  A gravity filler uses a supply tank that sits above the filling machine nozzles.  During each fill cycle, the nozzles will open for a pre-set amount of time, which is easily adjusted by the operator.  After that time elapses, the nozzles close and the flow of the product to the containers is cut off.  This simple principle can be used to fill slightly higher viscosity products, though it works best with free flowing liquids. 

Each filling project will require slightly different packaging equipment based on the product, package and production rates desired.  However, when handling low viscosity, free-flowing liquid products, one of the three packaging machines mentioned above will probably produce the best result.  For more information on these, and other, filling machines, feel free to browse our informative website!