Filling Principles and More on Display at Pack Expo 2014

Filling Principles and More on Display At Pack Expo 2014

PACK EXPO International 2014 at Chicago's McCormick Place is just over a month away now.  This years show will include over 1,800 suppliers to the packaging and processing industry, giving attendees the opportunity to not only view a variety of equipment and material but also spend time discussing specific projects with leaders in the industry.  Liquid Packaging Solutions will be located in the South Hall at Pack Expo this year, in Booth 4033, and our custom designed demo machine will give visitors the opportunity to see see several popular filling principles along with other packaging components.
The packaging machinery on display in Booth 4033 will be built on a monoblock frame, allowing LPS to display several different packaging principles in a small area.  The machine will include an air over oil, bottom up filling nozzle, a pressure gravity filling station and an overflow station, three popular filling techniques for a wide range of products.  Bottom up filling systems protect against splashing while helping to control foamy products, while the pressure gravity principle allows for a time-based, volumetric fill.  The overflow filling nozzles seal on the bottle and allow product to escape through a return port once the liquid reaches a certain point, creating consistent, level fills in each bottle.  Other filling principles may also be used, depending on the product viscosity, package and numerous other factors.
In addition to the filling station, the monoblock machine will include a capping head for screw on type caps and a capsule spinner to show off a couple of the sealing techniques used by LPS.  The filling and sealing principles shown on the machine are not limited to a monoblock system either.  Each filling principle, each capping type, can be manufactured as a completely automated, inline packaging system, which may also include bottle rinsers, power conveyors, loading conveyors turntables, labelers or any other equipment desired by the packager.  The same machines are available in semi-automatic or tabletop models for those facilities with lower production demands.
Unfortunately, we cannot share ALL of the equipment we manufacture at the PACK EXPO show, including custom machinery for unique products or packaging.  On a brighter note, however, Liquid Packaging Solutions is located only about sixty miles from Chicago and the McCormick Place.  So if anyone is interested in learning more about our company or our products, we welcome them into our plant before or after the show!  In the meantime, make sure to add LPS to your PACK EXPO show, Booth 4033, and come take advantage of the opportunity to meet our Packaging Specialists and pick their brains regarding your own packaging needs.  In fact, if you plan to add us to the show, give us call and we will sneak you in for free. 
(OK, not really, but we do have a Comp Code, so no sneaking necessary!  Just call and request the Code and come say Hi when you get to Chicago).

PACK EXPO INTERNATIONAL, November 2-5, 2014, Chicago, Illinois