Find Your Complete Liquid Packaging Solution Today!

Complete liquid packaging solutions can take on many different forms. For some, it may be a tabletop filling machine with a handheld capper to get out short runs for a local or regional business. For others, the solution may look more like a full automatic line with a power conveyor system, bottle rinser, filling machine, bottle capper, labeler and packing equipment. These solutions may require manual labor for each cycle or bottle or may only require an operator to start up the entire system at the beginning of the production day.

Many of the components of these packaging systems are manufactured at the LPS Plant in La Porte, Indiana, but in some cases, LPS will work with OEM's to provide a complete system for a packager. Conveyors, rinsers, fillers and cappers, along with some other custom equipment, will be built by LPS Technicians, while other machines, such as labelers and coding equipment, will be brought in from companies specializing in such machinery. However, the full line will be staged and tested at LPS, including an acceptance test that allows the packager to see all of the finished equipment running the actual product or products of the packager.

By working with OEM's, LPS can offer complete systems in one location, rather than forcing packagers to deal with multiple manufacturers while worrying about integration, multiple service providers, multiple training sessions and more. LPS works not only as a manufacturer, but as a centralized contact for all of a packager's needs, including after installation and spare parts.

So finding a complete packaging solution begins with consultation and analysis of a project, identifying the best machinery solutions and building that machinery so that it works efficiently with the bottles and products of a given project. However, it also includes integration, installation, training, technical service and the availability of wear and spare parts to keep the machinery up and running. At LPS, all of these solutions are available to our family of customers.

To discuss your project with a Packaging Specialist, contact the LPS offices toll-free, Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM Central Time, at 1-888-393-3693 or send in a contact request through the LPS website today!