Find Your Liquid Packaging Solution in 2019!

Welcome to 2019! Liquid Packaging Solutions is back in the office and working at full strength after the holidays, and looking forward to all of our new projects in the coming year. As it turns out, the first of the year projects provide a pretty good sampling of the equipment manufactured by LPS in the northern Indiana plant.

Two automatic liquid filling machines are in process as of the first day of the new year. One as a stand-alone machine and one as a part of a complete packaging system that includes a rinsing machine, capping machine and labeler along with power conveyors and turntables. In addition to the automatic bottle fillers, there are several tabletop filling machines preparing to go to work in 2019, with piston fillers leading the charge! At LPS, different filling machines are manufactured to handle different products, often based on viscosity. As a general rule, overflow and gravity fillers are used to handle thin or free-flowing products, while pump and piston filling machines handle higher viscosities. However, machines are also built to fill by net weight, to handle molten products and to handle corrosive products.

While filling machines may be the most popular piece of equipment starting this January, there are plenty of other machines on the production floor as well. Both automatic and semi-automatic capping machines are under construction and nearing completion. Of course, the capping machines are built to handle the specific type of cap or closure being used on any given project. From screw and snap on caps to corks, capsules and even shrink sleeves. From common closures to unique seals, LPS can manufacture machinery to prepare just about any product. Both spindle and chuck capping machines lead the way at LPS, mainly because a majority of products use some type of screw on caps, which range from the simple flat cap found on most bottled waters to trigger sprayers and pumps found on soaps and cleaners.

LPS also has container cleaning equipment in process at the beginning of the year, with a semi-automatic machine set to be added to an existing packaging line and an automatic rinsing machine coming up the pipeline. Both of these machines are used to rinse the inside of bottles prior to introducing product in to the containers. While the two on the floor are both air rinsers, these machines can also be set up to rinse with water or other liquid as well. In addition, LPS can build equipment to vacuum out debris as well as rinse the exterior of containers if need be.

As noted above, the production floor also includes some conveyors and turntables preparing to move containers through the various machines! In addition to manufacturing the current machinery listed above and many others, LPS also offers services such as integration, installation of packaging machinery and after install assistance with technical issues and replacement parts. If you are looking for packaging equipment in 2019, check out the LPS website to learn more about the products and services offered, or give our Packaging Specialists a call to learn all about how we partner with packagers for machinery and more!