Finding a Complete Packaging Solution for Your Industry

While a variety of different packaging machinery can be found in the same industry, as products, bottles and other components can widely differ even in the same industry, there are certain machines that are seen more in specific industries than other machines. For this reason, Liquid Packaging Solutions website offers some examples of Complete Filling Lines for different industries.

These sample complete lines are offered in both automatic and semi-automatic or tabletop versions, with some including machinery for both thin and thick products. While these lines may work as-is for some in the identified industry, they should normally be used as a starting point for identifying the best packaging machinery for each specific project.

For example, a basic automated system for thin cleaners and chemicals includes the following:

  • Turntable for Loading Bottles
  • Automatic Power Conveyors
  • Automatic Gravity Filling Machine
  • Automatic Chuck Capper
  • Front, Back and Wrap Labeling Machine
  • Turntable for Accumulating Finished Product

For many packagers running cleaners and chemicals with a low viscosity, these machines may make up their packaging system. However, for others there may be some modification. If a packager is running a non-round bottle, for example, the loading turntable may be replaced by a laning or loading conveyor, which is a more efficient and reliable way to get non-round containers on to the main packaging system. In addition, other filling machines, such as the overflow filler, can also handle thin viscosity products as well, so that the gravity filler will not be the only liquid filler used in the industry.

Additional machinery such as neck banders, shrink wrappers, packing equipment or even custom machinery may also be added to the line to meet certain needs that may not be necessary on every line. While LPS offers these lines as guidance for the type of equipment typically seen in an industry, no machinery will be built without thoroughly analyzing every aspect of a given project.

Modifications or variations of the complete filling lines for the specific industries listed on the LPS website will be the rule rather than the exception, as each packager's project will be unique in some way! And if you do not see your own, or a closely related, industry listed, feel free to call LPS to discuss the different options available for your products!