Five Reasons To Visit PACK EXPO This September

PACK EXPO 2015 is slowly getting closer as we move into the summer season. But there is still plenty of time to plan to attend the event, which runs from Monday to Wednesday, September 28th through the 30th this year. Listed below are a few of the reasons that packagers should plan to this years trade show!

5. Las Vegas

The 2015 PACK EXPO show will take place in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Warm weather, entertainment and more opportunities to network are always available after the door closes in what some call the Entertainment Capital of the World. In addition to all that the city itself has to offer, the PACK gives BACK charity event will be bringing the band Chicago in for a special performance. So while some warn not to mix business and pleasure, we say this years PACK EXPO is the perfect opportunity to do just that!

4. Packaging and Processing Machinery

Whether currently preparing a product for the shelf or researching the best way to package a new product, PACK EXPO will allow packagers and soon-to-be-packagers the opportunity to see more options for packaging and processing in one place than any other event in 2015. From conveyors and turntables to unscramblers, filling machines, capping equipment, pick and place machinery and more, PACK EXPO lets attendees see many different machinery options, some of which the packager may not have even been aware existed! PACK EXPO can be a great starting point to see what is available, what is new and which options would be the best solution for each unique project.

3. Manufacturers

So with all of this packaging and processing equipment in one location, what about information overload? Surely packagers will have questions about how one machine compares to another, or which option would be best for their product and container? At PACK EXPO, the manufacturers of the equipment will be right there with the equipment in their assigned booth. At LPS, we keep staff on hand to answer questions, give additional information or even consult or brainstorm on a specific project. So not only do attendees get to see the equipment, but with the manufacturers on hand, they can better understand the equipment as well.

2. Ideas

As noted earlier, having a large number of packaging professionals in one space at one time allows attendees of PACK EXPO to network, interact and consult with a great number of people in a short amount of time. Speaking with different manufacturers can help to identify many different avenues to achieve the same result. Especially for new packagers, the opportunity to speak with those that have been in the industry for years, or even decades, can help the packager understand the costs, maintenance, speeds and other specifications of one process over another, or even identify a way of proceeding that never would have occurred to the packager.

1. Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.

Once again in 2015, Liquid Packaging Solutions will be showcasing equipment and meeting with packagers at PACK EXPO. LPS will be located in Booth C-3505 at this years show and will be on hand Monday through Wednesday to answer questions, provide information and demo machinery. We welcome those that have already worked with LPS manufactured equipment and any who are simply interested in knowing more about what we do. For those thinking about attending this year, feel free to contact LPS for information on the show and a waiver of the registration fee!