Hand Tailor Packaging Equipment With a Variety of Options

From rinsing machinery to fillers, cappers and more, packaging machinery manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions will always be hand tailored to the specific project for which the machinery is built. Which is why at LPS, we believe each machine is technically custom built.

Many different options exist for almost every packaging machine built in the LPS plant. These options may help to efficiently move product, orient bottles, stabilize bottles and caps, and more. While options themselves can be custom when unique projects present themselves, below we look at some common options that come up often on packaging projects.

Filling machines are one of the most common packaging machines manufactured by LPS, and these machines handle a wide range of products and bottles. For this reason, fillers may have more options than any other piece of equipment manufactured by LPS. Bottle neck grabbers may be added to a filling machine when bottles or other containers are tall, oddly shaped or simply have a long, thin neck. The bottle grabbers hold the containers in position under the fill heads to ensure proper positioning during the fill.

Tubing material is another example of an option for liquid fillers. Different products or product ingredients may interact poorly with certain tubing materials. Offering a variety of materials for tubing ensures the integrity and protects the product during the fill.

Capping machines also allow for different options to add efficiency, consistency and reliability to the packaging process. Spindle cappers, for example, use gripper belts to stabilize bottles as the cap is being tightened. Again, for large or oddly shaped bottles, a second set of gripper belts may be added for extra stability.

Spindle cappers also use tightening disks to contact the cap and thread the cap onto the bottle. These spindles are available in different colors, but the colors are not for aesthetic value. Some cap materials will mar easier than others. The different colors of spindle disks used on the capping machine actually indicate a different hardness. Having several hardness options allows a wide range of caps and cap materials to be tightened without marring or otherwise injuring the cap.

While certain options are specific to certain machines, other options can carry across multiple pieces of equipment. For example, different indexing systems can be used across rinsers, fillers and even some cappers to efficiently and safely move containers in and out of rinse, fill or cap areas. Hazardous location construction and even options in construction materials are also available across many different machines.

To help all packagers to learn about options that may help on a packaging line, most products on the LPS website will have an options tab listing those most commonly used on the machine. And of course, LPS representatives are always available to consult and advise on packaging projects.