Happy 4th of July from Liquid Packaging Solutions!

Liquid Packaging Solutions would like to wish all of the packagers across the country a Safe and Happy 4th of July! We would also like to thank all of those packagers that have allowed us to become a part of their business family by providing machinery, parts and service over the years. As this summer holiday approaches, we are still, and always will be, proud to say our packaging equipment is Made in the USA!

From power conveyors to accumulating turntables, LPS manufactures a wide variety of packaging equipment in our La Porte, Indiana plant. In addition to manufacturing, we also offer services ranging from consultation and engineering to installation, training and service. LPS Packaging specialists are available every Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM central time (with a few exceptions, including July 4th!) to answer questions, discuss projects and help identify the best solution for any packaging process.

LPS has, and continues, to serve just about every industry that packages a product. From bottled water, distilled spirits and other foods and beverages to chemicals, household products, molten products, personal care and much more, LPS offers machinery to efficiently and reliably prepare products for the shelf! Project specific equipment manufactured by LPS includes:

  • Loading and Accumulating Turntables
  • Power Conveyor Systems
  • Loading Conveyors
  • Container Cleaning Machinery
  • Filling Machinery
  • Capping Equipment
  • Heat Tunnels
  • Nitrogen Purge Machinery
  • And More!

LPS invites all packagers to browse our website to learn more about all of our machinery, keeping in mind that LPS also manufactures custom machinery for special projects, meaning the equipment is not limited to the many different options seen on the site. So to our packagers across the States, stay cool, stay safe, have fun and enjoy this mid-week holiday! LPS will be back in the offices on July 5th at 8 AM Central Time!