Happy Easter From LPS

As we head into the Easter weekend and the beginning of the second quarter of 2023, Liquid Packaging Solutions continues to work with many new businesses this year to add automation and move toward a more efficient packaging process. As usual, the packagers added to the LPS family in 2023 work with a variety of liquids, as early 2023 projects have included equipment for distilled spirits and other beverages, chemicals, cleaners, household products and more.

While LPS works with new packagers to create ideal solutions for each new project, not all projects bring new businesses to LPS. 2023 has also seen projects for packagers with existing LPS machinery, with some upgrading from semi-automatic equipment to faster, fully automatic machines and others adding a new machine to handle a specific packaging process that was previously completed by manual labor. Some equipment, such as filling machines, allow upgrading without the purchase of new equipment, as packagers have added more fill heads to machines in 2023 to increase production speed.

Though we are just barely into April, the production schedule for 2023 is quickly filling up at LPS. For those planning to add, upgrade or modify packaging lines this year, LPS always offers consultation with one of our Packaging Specialists with no obligation. Representatives love to hear about new products, see new packaging and brainstorm with businesses to identify an ideal packaging solution! From brainstorming to the delivery of equipment, however, includes many different steps to ensure packagers receive a consistent, reliable and efficient packaging line, so packagers are encouraged to start the process early!

In addition to manufacturing machinery, LPS offers packagers technical support, a parts department, integration, installation and training services, keeping busy to be a packaging partner to as many companies as possible. As the work continues at the LaPorte, Indiana production facility, LPS just wanted to pause momentarily and wish everyone a safe and happy Easter Weekend, followed by a prosperous 2023 moving forward.