Happy Fourth of July from Liquid Packaging Solutions!


Whether you are watching the parade, enjoying a family picnic or lighting off some fireworks, Liquid Packaging Solutions wishes you a happy and safe 4th of July weekend!  As we celebrate Independence Day in the USA, LPS will continue to strive to design, manufacture and install packaging equipment that will allow our customers to reach their true potential.  We are proud not only that our packaging machinery is "Made in the USA" but that it assists those throughout our country and around the world in achieving financial independence!  While we did not have time this year to build floats for all of the machinery, please enjoy our Parade of Packaging Equipment!


Let's get the festivities started with a flyover and then start the parade with container cleaning equipment.  Air rinsers, wet rinsers and bottle vacuums allow for container cleaning prior to the filling process on a packaging line.  These rinsing machines can use a variety of rinse media and can be manufactured in manual, semi-automatic or automatic models.


Let's not forget our military and those that protect our Independence on the 4th of July!  LPS salutes, and thanks, each and every one of you!  Following up the container cleaners in our lineup are the liquid fillers.  Overflow fillers, gravity fillers, piston filling equipment and pump filling machines are all available (after the parade of course) to fill almost any container with almost any product.  Filling machines are also available in manual, semi-automatic and automatic models for thin and thick products alike.


Right behind the liquid fillers comes capping equipment from Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.  Spindle cappers, chuck cappers, ROPP cappers and specialty cappers manufactured by LPS mean that we can cap anything you can give us!  Enjoy the fireworks as our parade comes to an end.


Of course, pulling everything together are the belt conveyor systems that move your product from the rinsers to the liquid fillers to the capping machines and anywhere else they need to go.  The conveyors are the Grand Finale of the packaging system and LPS manufactures belt conveyor systems with a range of materials and in any configuration necessary.

After today, Liquid Packaging Solutions will be back in the office on Tuesday, July 5, 2011 to assist you in any way we can with your packaging needs.  Until then, enjoy the Holiday Weekend and all of your Independence Day activities!