Happy Fourth of July from LPS!

Hopefully the sun will be shining this Tuesday as everyone across the United States prepares for the 4th of July! We wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a safe and happy holiday! Liquid Packaging Solutions will be closing today at 4 PM Central Time and will remain closed until Wednesday, July 5th at 8 A.M. Central Time for next weeks celebrations!

As we celebrate in the coming week, however, we will be constantly reminded of many of our customers! Almost everyone here at LPS will likely be congregating with family and/or friends, and food will be eaten! As those holiday hot dogs come off the grill, some of the ketchup, mustard and other condiments will undoubtedly come from LPS customers. And of course we are going to have to wash that food down with an assortment of beverages, both adult and otherwise! From water and juice to distilled spirits, LPS customers will surely be present in liquid beverage form at many holiday celebrations. Then there are the mosquitos, the sunburns, the protection from sunburns and all the creams and lotions to fight and ease these things during the summer months. So whichever stage of celebration we happen to be in at any given time in the next few days, we will appreciate the hand our customers have in allowing us to celebrate Independence Day this year, as well as the hand we have had in helping them reach so many others around our country!

For those not familiar with Liquid Packaging Solutions, our company manufactures a wide range of packaging equipment, from power conveyors and turntables to rinsing machines, bottle fillers and capping equipment. In addition to manufacturing equipment, LPS also specializes in integration, meaning that we bring together other manufacturers equipment to add to our own, allowing a packager to acquire a complete packaging system with LPS as the single contact point. Other packaging services include consultation, installation, training, technical service and spare parts.

To learn more about LPS, simply browse the website at or to discuss your own project one-on-one with a Packaging Specialist, contact the LPS offices.