Happy Halloween from Liquid Packaging Solutions

It is the time of year for ghosts, ghouls, witches and all kinds of other scary things! And LPS wants to wish everyone a scary, yet safe, Halloween weekend. While we enjoy the fall holiday as much as anyone, even at this time of the year, Liquid Packaging Solutions strives to make our packaging equipment anything but scary!

For new users of packaging machinery, or even new users of LPS packaging machinery, change can be scary. Whether moving from hand packaging or shifting from an OEM machine, running new equipment can be both exciting and daunting. At LPS, our process of manufacturing is set up to remove the uncertainty and put a packagers mind at ease.

To begin with, before any piece of equipment is manufactured, LPS packaging specialists analyze every aspect of the packager's project to determine the best equipment for the job. From space and budget to bottles, caps and demand, LPS treats every project like a custom project to ensure the best solution is put into production.

However, even after the equipment is built, LPS works with packagers to ensure there is nothing scary about the equipment. Starting with a Factory Acceptance test, LPS allows the packager to see the equipment running with the bottles and product to be used, when possible and available. The FAT allows changes or additions to be made prior to delivery of the equipment.

Finally, even after the equipment is ready to go, LPS offers installation and training on packaging equipment to ensure not only that the operators of the machinery understand the equipment, but that it can be used as efficiently as possible! LPS also offers technical support and parts even after the technicians return from the install and training in case something otherworldly happens to the machine post-install!

So beware of bats and cats, broomsticks and goblins this October weekend. But know there is nothing scary about LPS packaging machinery! Everything that LPS does in the process of manufacturing packaging equipment and putting that equipment on the production floor is done with a focus on each individual packager's success!! Enjoy this spooky weekend and then give LPS a call to discuss your own packaging needs.