Happy Labor Day From Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.

As we get ready for an extended weekend, Liquid Packaging Solutions would like to take a second and say thank you to all of the workers that have, and continue to, make our country great! Manufacturing machinery for such a wide variety of products allows LPS to be involved and learn about many different industries and products, but even more rewarding, we get to learn about the people that produce those products. One of the most rewarding aspects of our jobs is knowing we are helping to bring other people's dreams to life!

From maple syrup to distilled spirits, cleaning chemicals and scented wax fragrances, from soaps, shampoos and cosmetics to fuels and medicines, LPS has been lucky to help owners and workers write their own stories and contribute unique products to both the American and the global community. But without the workers, LPS packaging equipment would simply not hold much value. So we say a special thank you to all those people who load LPS turntables with empty bottles, who set up filling machines and capping equipment to prepare products for the shelf and who keep conveyor systems running at full speed to add efficiency to the entire packaging process!

And to our own workers, who show their dedication with each and every machine that leaves the La Porte, Indiana plant, LPS can not say thank you enough. From engineering to fabricating to building custom machinery, without the LPS employees that come to work every day to solve problems, who go the extra mile to complete projects, who speak with customers to troubleshoot when they should be heading home, LPS offers a heartfelt thank you. Without every single person that makes up the Liquid Packaging Solutions' team, LPS equipment would not be in nearly every state in the country, all across Canada and in many countries around the world.

So the biggest thank you of all goes out to our workers - our FAMILY - who put effort in every day not only building machinery, but building lasting relationships with our customers and their workers. After all, that's what Liquid Packaging Solutions is, the sum of our workers, the sum of our family, without which LPS simply would not exist.