Happy St. Patrick's Day from Liquid Packaging Solutions!!

Though there are still a few more days to go, St. Patrick's Day feels like the first day of Spring here in LaPorte and the surrounding area in Northwest Indiana. As the first quarter comes to a close and the 2021 production year is in full swing for Liquid Packaging Solutions, a variety of projects are underway and on the schedule for the spring and summer.

For those new to the company, LPS manufactures packaging equipment for a broad range of companies. Manufacturing projects encompass just about any industry that prepares a liquid for consumers or customers, from food and beverage to cleaners and chemicals, oils and lubricants and more. LPS equipment can be used to load, rinse, convey, fill, cap and otherwise package products into a variety of containers as well.

Different levels of automation are available on almost all equipment, and each packaging system will be custom manufactured to perform the work necessary for the individual packager. Tabletop equipment allows smaller packagers to streamline rinsing, filling, capping and more, in a limited space and an economical manner. Automatic packaging lines can prepare thousands of bottles a day without minimal operator assistance. Some packagers will also use a combination of semi-automatic and automatic equipment to prepare products!

In addition to manufacturing, LPS also provides a number of services to packagers as well. Starting with consulting to find the best solution, engineering and line drawings to help understand systems, LPS will learn as much as possible about not just the company's products, but their space, needs, desires, potential growth and more to find the best possible packaging solution. LPS can also integrate other manufacturer's equipment into a full line when packagers are looking for complete solutions from loading at the beginning of a line to packing at the end.

Once the equipment is built, LPS can install and train packager employees on the new line, to ensure efficiency from the first day to years into the future. And after the LPS technicians have left the packager site, they will remain available to help in the future with spare parts, troubleshooting or any other issue that may arise!

Whether a new packager or a veteran in the field, LPS welcomes calls for new equipment or consultation on upgrades, changes, additions and more. LPS Packaging Specialists can be reached toll-free during the work week at 1-888-393-3693 or by email at m101@liquidpackagingsolution.com.

As we watch the grass, and even some rivers in the LPS area, turn green this St. Patrick's Day, the LPS crew wishes everyone a happy holiday and a productive spring quarter!