Holiday Presents for Packagers from Lps

Holiday Presents for Packagers from LPS

Like most companies in the packaging industry, we find ourselves hustling to finish up our end of the year projects while at the same time attempting to ensure that we are fully prepared to transition to the new year.  Of course, organization and preparation play a large part in making that transition smooth.  As always, we want to help our customers in any way we can, which is why we offer discounts on almost all spare and replacement parts this time of the year!

Rinsing Machine

From automatic inverting air and water rinsers to semi-automatic bottle cleaners and vacuums, LPS stocks parts for all of the container cleaning equipment we manufacture.  Stock up on rinse nozzles, seals, shock absorbers and all the other rinsing machine parts that will keep your bottles clean and your production running without a hitch.

Filling Machine

The spare parts kept on hand for a liquid filler can depend in part on the type of filling machine being used.  For overflow machines, it is always a good idea to keep nozzle seals on the shelf, if not an entire replacement nozzle.  For other fillers, nozzles, nozzle tips, o-rings, actuators or even pumps may help a packager to keep filling those bottles.

Capping Machine

Like fillers, the type of capping machine being used will determine which spare parts should be kept on hand.  Users of spindle cappers will want both disks and belts to ensure continuous operation, while those with chuck cappers will want to have a few extra inserts on hand.  Spare parts on hand for both automatic and semi-automatic cappers will keep the sealing process reliable and consistent. 

Power Conveyor Systems

Keeping extra belting on hand for any type of conveyor system is always a good idea.  Sprockets and, for some conveyors, guide rail can also be placed aside for emergency situations and quick replacement of worn parts.  Of course, without the conveyor system, automatic packaging lines are quickly turned into semi-automatic versions.

Custom & OEM Machinery

Even with custom built machinery or OEM equipment, LPS tries to keep standard spare and replacement parts in stock.  Our parts cover custom fillers and cappers, nitrogen purge systems and bottle separators as well as components for labelers, coders, pallet wrappers and more.

Don't start the New Year unprepared, take inventory of those spare parts and call LPS today to restock and be ready!  Mention this blog and receive a discount on any spare parts order from now through December 20th.