Holiday Savings Reminder - Turntables

Holiday Savings Reminder - Turntables

Just a quick reminder that now through the end of the year, LPS is offering savings on all turntables.  The special pricing applies to loading turntables, accumulating turntables and transfer tables for automatic packaging systems.  Just call and mention this article to receive discounted pricing on these packaging machines.

Loading turntables are normally used at the beginning of automatic or semi-automatic packaging lines to assist in getting bottles or other containers onto the conveyor system.  These turntables can be manufactured with varying turntable tops sizes to accommodate a wide range of bottle and container sizes and shapes.  A superstructure on the loading turntable guides bottles to an exit area where they will move to the take away conveyor system.

Once filled, capped, labeled and otherwise packaged, accumulating turntables are normally used to gather products packing and shipping preparation.  Like loading turntables, these packaging machines can be manufactured with a top size to accommodate the bottles or containers being used.  Accumulating tables can also be used at other places on a packaging system if there is a need to gather product.  For instance, some products may be hand labeled after running through the filling machine and capping equipment.  Product may be accumulated for the purpose of labeling and then sent back to the conveyor system for other packaging functions.

Finally, transfer turntables are used to shift the directions of products on a packaging line.  Space limitations may not allow for a straight line packaging system in some facilities.  Transfer turntables are one option for making 90 degree turns on a packaging system.  For example, after moving through a liquid filler, a transfer turntable may be used in conjunction with the power conveyor system to turn the bottles 90 degrees on the conveyor before they enter the capping machine.

As a holiday gift to our customers past, present and future, Liquid Packaging Solutions is offering special pricing on all types and all sizes of turntables through the holidays.  Just call and mention this add to receive your discounted pricing today!