How Holiday Packaging Can Effect Production

How Holiday Packaging Can Effect Production

This time of the year, familiar products start popping up in unfamiliar, though enticing, packages.  From ghosts and goblins on the box to pumpkin shaped containers, right on through to turkeys, cornucopias, snow, lights, gift wrapping and more, many businesses will release their products in themed packaging.  In some cases, this themed packaging can have an effect on the normal course of production, leading to additions or extra runs.

Holiday packaging can take on many different forms for the many types of products that are on the market.  Some companies may add not only new labeling, but new containers, new container sizes or even completely different products (such as holiday flavors or colors).  While some companies simply replace standard products with their holiday changes, others will offer holiday products in addition to the standard items.  It is when these holiday products are added to standard items that production runs must be altered.

While some companies will simply changeover their packaging equipment to handle holiday items, others may actually use separate machinery to run holiday products.  For example, a beverage company may have a completely automated turnkey packaging system for year round products, including a bottle unscrambler, power conveyors, bottle rinser, filling machine, capping machine and labeler.  This company may choose to make the necessary adjustments and add run time to accommodate special runs for holiday products.  

However, if the company has a limited run of holiday themed products, a separate line may be used to avoid interruption of the normal production schedule.  These second lines may or may not be completely automated.  Semi-automatic packaging lines may be used in conjunction with temporary or seasonal workers to meet the demand for the special packaging while still reaching the necessary output for standard products.  Such a set up can allow the seasonal product demand to be met without adding a second shift or increasing the work load of the main packaging system.  Semi-automatic packaging lines can be set up as inline systems just like the automated lines, or they can even be produced as tabletop packaging systems where space is a concern.  

Other times, a single machine may be necessary to handle special product, bottles, caps, labels or other components.  In these situations, a liquid filler, capping machine or other single piece of equipment may work as a stand alone station.  It is even possible to manufacture an automated machine that will roll up to an existing line to work with these special products.  Assuming no space restraints, a custom built capping machine can be added to a line to handle special closures that are only used during the holiday season.  The same is true of filling machines, labelers and other equipment.  

Keep in mind that these situations are rare, as all packaging machinery can usually handle a wide range of products and packaging.  However, if you have a holiday packaging project and would like to discuss the possible options with a Packaging Specialist, feel free to contact Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. for a free phone consultation.