How Liquid Packaging Solutions Can Help Before the Equipment Arrives

While building packaging equipment and installing lines for a wide range of products and industries is a main focus at Liquid Packaging Solutions, the many years of experience working with packagers also allows LPS to assist before the machinery arrives. From consulting to providing budgetary quotes on the best solutions for a project, LPS can become a packaging partner before any machinery arrives.


The options for packaging machinery vary widely, from simple tabletop fillers or cappers to full-line, fully automated systems. For those with little experience in the packaging industry, it can be a chore to try to identify the best equipment for any given project. Consulting with LPS Packaging Specialists can help focus the search for such equipment. Consulting may be as simple as discussing a project with a Packaging Specialist to understand the best options for specific products. By learning more about a project, like the speed necessary, the viscosity of the liquids, the types of closures being used and more, LPS can help a packager find potential problems, unwanted costs and other issues. Sometimes the consulting will go beyond a simple phone call and may include additional steps.


Almost every piece of equipment or packaging system produced by LPS can be called a custom system. Though two companies may use an overflow filler for two different projects, the two fillers will be modified to work with the specific product and bottles of the two distinct packagers. On occasion, a packaging machine or line may be engineered from the ground up when unique liquids, bottles, caps or other components are a part of a project. Working with the packager to engineer a truly custom solution ensures that the machinery will work efficiently and reliably once on the production floor.

Line Layouts

Line layouts help a packager understand how the available space can be used to their advantage. These simple drawings can help not only place equipment, but plan for electricity and air as needed on the line. The layouts can also help to find the best formation for equipment, from a straight line to a horseshoe design or any other format that may work, while allowing for planning of storage, packing stations and more.

Budgetary Quotes

Finally, consulting and identifying the ideal equipment for a project will allow Packaging Specialists at LPS to provide a budgetary quote for that same equipment. Often times multiple quotations will be prepared, to show different options or different levels of automation. Many of the machines manufactured by LPS allow for future upgrades to increase production, allowing the packager to choose the machinery that will not only add efficiency, but also fit their current budget.

LPS encourages all packagers to take advantage of the company's expertise not just when the time comes to build the machine, but in the planning stages as well. Involving a packaging manufacturer early and asking as many questions as possible can help a packager to avoid unwanted issues once the equipment is delivered and put to work!