Innovative Cap Chute Reduces Set-Up and Changeover Time

The "automatic" in automatic capping machinery derives in large part from cap delivery systems. Cap elevators and vibratory bowls deliver closures to cap chutes, which then present the caps to bottles as they enter the capping area. For packagers with a wide range of cap sizes, shapes or types, changing over from one cap to another meant making adjustments to the cap delivery system, including the cap chute. These changeovers, while designed to be as quick as possible, could be time-consuming when many caps were run throughout a production day. A new cap chute design by Liquid Packaging Solutions helps to reduce the changeover and downtime for packagers with multiple caps.

Cap chutes, like those used on the Automatic Spindle Capper, were typically one solid piece that allowed for adjustments to accommodate different cap types, sizes or styles. Packagers, then, would need to adjust cap chutes for the closure that was being run, widening chute rails, adjusting heights, re-aligning the chute if necessary. The new cap chute design by Liquid Packaging Solutions allows a packager to simply snap off one chute and replace it with another, a process which literally takes seconds. The new chute assembly consists of an adjustable chute mount which remains in place on the capping machine.

The chute itself will lock in to place to deliver a specific range of cap types and sizes. While one chute will handle multiple cap sizes, different shapes may require different chutes, packagers with a wide range of cap sizes and styles may require multiple chutes for their machine. However, when it comes to changing over from one cap to another, an operator can simply raise the stabilizing clamp on the chute mount and remove one chute. Replacement simply requires the new chute to be locked into position and the stabilizing clamp can lowered and locked into place as well. The new cap is now ready to run!  Those chutes not in use can easily be stored on or in the capper frame!

The new chute design also allows the cap to interact with the capping machine stabilizer bar prior to the stripping of the closure. This interaction provides more stability for the transfer of cap to bottle, further reducing cross-threads, missed caps and other issues when unique caps are used for packaging. The function of the chute has not changed at all, and pause sensors, F-style containers and other unique features are all supported by the new design. The new design will also be implemented for multiple automatic capping machines.

To learn more about the new chute design, or for questions regarding the chute or any of the capping equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, contact LPS at 219-393-3600 or through the quick connect box on the LPS website.