Integration Services for Automatic Packaging Machinery

Integration Services For Automatic Packaging Machinery

For packaging machinery manufacturers, integration refers to taking equipment from several different manufacturers and making work together to create the best solution possible for the individual customer.  However, pulling together different manufacturers to put together a complete packaging system can be a daunting task for a packager who is normally looking for guidance and knowledge from the manufacturers themselves.  Organizing multiple manufacturers to ensure each machine will work as expected, as well as with every other machine, is no easy feat.  The integration services offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions are meant to solve these issues and allow the packager to focus on his or her own product and production demands.

LPS manufactures many different types of packaging equipment, from power conveyors to liquid fillers, capping machines and bottle rinsers.  However, many different pieces of packaging equipment are manufactured by companies that specialize in that specific machinery, such as labeling equipment, case packers, case tapers and more.  So while LPS can rinse, fill, cap and convey products, we rely on other industry professionals to provide additional equipment to fill customer needs.  With our integration services, however, all equipment necessary for an automated packaging line can be procured through LPS.

In addition to manufacturing machinery, LPS works hard to establish quality relationships with other packaging machinery manufacturers.  These relationships allow our company to offer OEM machinery through LPS, or one stop shopping for all packaging needs.  Working with other equipment manufacturers in the LPS plant also allows LPS packaging specialists to become familiar with every machine on a packaging line, whether produced in house or not.  This experience allows LPS to continue to serve customers on a complete packaging line even after training and installation, offering technical service and spare parts in one location as well.

In the end, the integration services also help to ensure that the customer receives exactly what is both needed and expected from their packaging machinery.  Equipment will be integrated first at Liquid Packaging Solutions on the production floor, and customers will have the opportunity to visit the shop floor to watch their machines run during a Factory Acceptance Test.  This FAT removes any surprises for the packager when the equipment is put in place and allows for modifications before production begins.  To learn more about the packaging equipment and integration services offered by LPS, simply give us a call!