Integration Services for Complete Packaging Solutions

Along with manufacturing packaging machinery for liquid products, Liquid Packaging Solutions also offers different packaging services, from installation and training to parts and technical service once the machines are in service. One service that LPS offers helps save packagers time both before the purchase of the machinery and after the equipment is running.

Integration services begin almost from the first contact with a packager. While LPS manufactures a variety of equipment in the LaPorte, Indiana plant, LPS does not build every possible packaging machine that a business may need. LPS focuses on rinsing, filling and capping, as well as loading, moving and unloading containers with turntables and conveyors. However, LPS is able to offer complete packaging systems by working with other OEM's such as labeling and coding companies, induction sealing companies and more.

The first few discussions with a packager will help determine the best packaging solution for that specific packager's project. Integration starts with the LPS Packaging Specialist helping the packager identify not only LPS equipment that will get the job done, but also any other equipment that might be necessary. LPS will then typically discuss the other equipment with the OEMs, providing the packager with a complete solution and cost.

As an example, a beverage company may be looking for an automatic line to fill, cap and label a sixteen-ounce bottle. LPS will manufacture the turntables to load the bottles and the conveyors to move the bottles along with an overflow filler and a spindle capper to fill and seal bottles as well. LPS will work with the label manufacturer to ensure that the correct labeler and coder are provided to reliably apply the label and add whatever codes are necessary.

This allows the packager to procure all equipment from one source. Provide bottle and product samples to one source and ensure that testing of all equipment will be provided by one source as well. Rather than having to coordinate with multiple manufacturers, the packager can get answers from one source for any questions as well, Liquid Packaging Solutions.

During the installation and training phase of the project, LPS will work not only with the packager, but also with any OEMs to ensure that employees of the packager understand how to run all of the equipment efficiently. Furthermore, the LPS Parts Department keeps many spare parts in stock for both LPS equipment and OEM equipment, and will work with packagers to ensure they have crucial spare parts at their own production facility from day one.

Integration is one unique service that allows LPS do more than simply build equipment, but also to serve as a packaging partner for all of the different industries served. To learn more about equipment and services, browse the LPS website or call to speak with a Packaging Specialist today.