Labeling Equipment

Labels and labeling machines offer companies an excellent opportunity to make a product stand out from the competition.  From bright colors to unique shapes and sizes, no piece of packaging machinery works as much like a marketing tool as the label and labeler.  From cold glue to hot melt to pressure sensitive labelers, Liquid Packaging Solutions offers many different options for companies looking to add a labeling machine to a packaging system. 


Different labeling machines are manufactured to apply different types of labels.  A jar of jelly may have a label wrapped around the container.  Salad dressing containers may need labels on both the front and back of the product.  Certain automotive products commonly make use of three-sided, or panel wrap, labels.  Whether your packaging system utilizes one or all of these labels, LPS can help you choose the labeler that will best fit your individual needs. 


Labeling machines come in different levels of automation as well!  Manual label dispensers are ideal for low production packaging systems, or companies with small runs.  Semi-automatic labelers offer added efficiency for small to medium sized production facilities.  Manual and Semi-Automatic models can also be incorporated into uniframe packaging systems to save space and labor!  Finally, automatic labelers allow for continuous labeling on automated packaging systems for wrap labels, top and bottom labels, three-panel labels and many other configurations.

Many of the labeling machines can be seen on the LPS website by clicking on the link below:

Custom labeling machines are also available!  Call Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. toll free at 1-888-393-3693 today to discuss your labeling and packaging machinery needs!