Last Week for 2014 Fill Cap and Label Special

Last week for 2014 Fill Cap and Label Special

Just a quick reminder that the last week of January also marks the last week to take advantage of the fill cap and label special at Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.  To start off the new year, LPS is offering special prices to anyone who purchases a packaging line that include a filling machine, capping machine and labeling machine.  


Liquid fillers can use any of the various filling principles to complete the job.  From overflow for fill to level accuracy to gravity for time based jobs or piston fillers for volumentric accuracy.  The equipment can range from fully automatic machines to semi-automatic full frame or tabletop equipment.  The principle used and automation level chosen will depend in large part on the product itself and the number of bottles that need to be filled each day.


Like fillers, capping machines use a variety of methods to seal bottles or other containers.  The method used will depend on the type of closure on the package.  Screw on type lids will require a spindle or snap capper.  Roll on pilfer proof caps like those found on wine bottles will use an ROPP capper.  Other container lids may use a snap capper or a custom capping machine.  These machines are also available as fully automatic capping machines, or as semi-automatic full frame or tabletop equipment.  


Labelers can be used to place logos, nutritional guides, ingredients and other information on bottles and containers in almost any manner imaginable.  Some labeling machines will apply labels to the front and back of a bottle, while others will wrap a label around a container or apply labels to three sides of a container.  Labeling equipment can work inline on an automated packaging system or can be manufactured to work semi-automatically along with other packaging equipment.

Combining these three packaging machines creates the heart and soul of a packaging line.  Of course, a conveyor system is a necessity on an automatic system, and other equipment may be beneficial in some situations.  Turntables can assist in loading and packing of bottles and finished product, respectively.  Nitrogen purge systems can help to prolong the life of foods, beverages and other similar products.  Case erectors, case tapers and pallet wrappers can all assist in the packing of finished product.  And of course, custom equipment is always available for those unique packages or products.  

If you have been considering speeding up your production line, now is the time to contact Liquid Packaging Solutions to learn about the January special on fill, cap and label lines before time runs out.  Just call toll free at 1-888-393-3693 and ask to speak with a packaging specialist to learn more about the equipment and the deal.