Liquid Fillers, Capping Machines and Nitrogen Purge

Liquid Fillers, Capping Machines and Nitrogen Purge

In general, a nitrogen purge system on a packaging line removes oxygen from a bottle or the head space of a bottle, replacing the oxygen with nitrogen.  This procedure will normally be done right before containers enter the filling machine, immediately upon the containers exit from the filling machine or immediately prior to the containers entering the capping machine.  Replacing oxygen with nitrogen in a container can have several different beneficial effects.


Purging containers before they enter the filling machine is normally done to strengthen lightweight containers.  In most cases, a pre-fill purge will use a dose of liquid nitrogen that turns gaseous as it enters the container.  As it becomes a gas, the nitrogen expands, adding rigidity to the container and strengthening it before it enters the liquid filler.  Added rigidity, or stiffness, aids in bottle handling as the containers move through the various packaging machines on the line as well as the distribution once the product and container have completed their journey through the liquid filler, capping machine, labeling equipment and other packaging machinery.  


Purging containers immediately after they have run through the filling machine or just before they enter the capping machines involves removing oxygen from the headspace of the container.  This process is normally completed using nitrogen in a gaseous form.  While it will not reinforce the container like a pre-fill purge with liquid nitrogen, this type of nitrogen purge will benefit the product itself in a number of ways.  Oxygen has a tendency to break down and react with products in a negative manner.  Replacing the oxygen in the headspace of a product filled container with nitrogen will lessen these negative effects.  The post-fill or pre-cap nitrogen purge will lengthen the shelf life of a great number of products while also retaining the flavor, color and texture of the products.  
Combining a nitrogen purge system with automatic liquid fillers and automatic capping machines can be beneficial if used correctly.  For more information on nitrogen purge, liquid fillers, capping machines or any of the packaging equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc., contact a representative toll free today at 1-888-393-3693.