Liquid Packaging Products: Filling Machinery

Liquid Fillers are one of the most manufactured, if not the most manufactured, machine by Liquid Packaging Solutions. Of course, not one single filling machine will work for every single product. Products can range in viscosity, temperature and texture, meaning different machines will be necessary to handle different products.

In addition, different packagers will want to fill using different principles. Some packagers may fill to a level even if volume is off by a fraction from bottle to bottle. Others may fill by volume even if the level in the bottles might vary slightly. Other principles, such as filling by weight, may also be used, if less frequently.

On top of the different principles, filling machines can be built to work automatically or semi-automatically. Fully automatic liquid fillers use a power conveyor and an indexing machine to move bottles in and out of the fill area, using one of the principles referred to above to complete the packaging process. Semi-automatic filling machines rely more on an operator or manual laborer. Most likely, no conveyor will be used, and the operator will place the bottles under the fill heads before using a foot or finger switch to start the fill.

Of course, the semi-automatic machines do not offer the same production speeds as automatic equipment. But not all packagers need high speeds for packaging processes. Both machines can utilize multiple fill heads while offering consistent and reliable fills based on the principle used for any given project. Automatic machines offer additional speed over semi-automatic machines. Depending on the skill of the operator, semi-automatic machines typically offer higher speeds than hand filling bottles.

In addition, options such as heated tanks, all pneumatic construction, corrosion resistant construction, bottom up filling and more, are available on both automatic and semi-automatic filling machinery. So in most cases any product that can be filled on an automatic machine can also be filled on semi-automatic fillers. The level of automation in most cases will simply be driven by the production demand for the given packaging project.

Visitors to the Filling Machinery page of the LPS website will find a variety of different machines based on all of the factors mentioned above. LPS Packaging Specialists are always available to assist packagers in identifying which of the listed machines will work best for the packager's products, or to help with the design of custom filling machines for truly unique products and packages.