Liquid Packaging Solutions - 2022 Packaging Machinery Overview

In November of 2021, Liquid Packaging Solutions celebrated 15 years in the LaPorte, Indiana plant. As the second fifteen years get started in 2022, LPS offers an overview of the machinery and services available for packagers both large and small.


Turntables and conveyors both work to load, move or accumulate product on a packaging line. Both turntables and conveyors can be used to load empty bottles on to the front of the line, depending on factors such as the shape of the bottle, speed and more. Of course, conveyors are used to move bottles between machines as well, allowing containers to move from rinser to filler to capper, or any other machine on the line. Turntables may also be used within the line to turn bottles and save space or allow for designs other than a straight line from beginning to end. Conveyors may also be used between filling and capping when hot fills or molten products are in play, allowing an extended time for product to cool down after the fill. Finally, both turntables and conveyors may be used to accumulate finished product to assist with shipping prep.


Rinsing machinery simply ensures that bottles are clean before product is introduced, to help avoid contamination and keep product safe. Rinsing machines can use air, water, product or other cleaning liquids as needed for each specific project. Many rinsers will invert bottles over a rinse basin to clean out debris, but for bottles that are difficult to hold or invert, bottle vacuums can be used to loosen and remove contaminants as well. Both semi-automatic and automatic bottle rinsers are available to serve almost any production demand.


Bottle fillers are used to place a wide variety of liquids into just as large of a variety of containers. Filling machines will be manufactured for the specific project at hand. Different fillers exist for thin, free-flowing product as well as thicker, more viscous liquids. In addition, different methods of filling, such as by volume, by weight or to a level, are available to suit the needs or desires of the individual packager. Like rinsing machines, liquid fillers are available in different levels of automation, including tabletop models for those packagers with limited space.


LPS manufactures nitrogen purge equipment to extend the shelf life of certain products while also maintaining the taste, color and texture of those products. Nitrogen purge equipment is most often used between the filling machine and the bottle capper. The equipment removes oxygen from the headspace of container before capping, replacing it with the less damaging nitrogen gas, to achieve the goals mentioned above. While not all projects will use or need nitrogen purge, certain industries, such as Food and Beverage, will often benefit from this simple machine.


The type of capping machinery manufactured for any given project will depend on the type of closure being used for the project. From screw-on closures to ROPP Caps, corks and more, LPS builds cappers that ensure reliable and repeatable tightening or sealing. While specific capping machines are built for specific closures, the automation level for each type of capping machine can also be modified to fit the project, from handheld machines in some circumstances to semi-automatic and automatic equipment where needed.


In addition to building equipment, LPS provides a range of services that extend to well after the equipment is delivered and running in production. These services start with simple consultation, allowing a packager to discuss projects and solutions with a Packaging Specialist with no obligation. While LPS manufactures many different packaging machines, sometimes packagers are looking for other equipment as well. At LPS, integration of OEM equipment is available allowing a packager to procure a full packaging line from one place. Installation and training ensure that not only will the equipment be set up and running correctly from Day One, but those using the equipment will understand the controls of the machinery, set-up and changeover of the equipment and any other necessary information. Finally, LPS offers technical support and parts to keep packaging machinery up and running after delivery, set-up and training. LPS strives, through these services, to be not just a machinery manufacturer, but a partner with every business that trusts their own business with our equipment.

To learn more about any of the products or services offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions, simply browse the section of the website that piques your interest.  If you do not see what you are looking for on the website, feel free to contact LPS directly at 1-219-393-3600 to discuss custom packaging machinery and solutions as well!