Liquid Packaging Solutions and Location, Location, Location

When speaking with packagers unfamiliar with Liquid Packaging Solutions, almost without fail the question of our location will come up in conversation. We expect this question for many reasons. First, many packagers in the United States are looking for manufacturers also in the United States. The reasons may vary, but some packagers want American made machinery, others want to ensure technical support will be available and some have other reasons for the question.

LPS is located on the south side of La Porte, Indiana, tucked between Chicago, Illinois (about 60 miles west) and Notre Dame (about 40 miles to the east). In addition, a fifteen minute drive to the north will take visitors to the shores of Lake Michigan. This location allows for both packagers to come visit as well as a quick and easy trip to Midway or O'Hare for installation and service calls across the United States.

In addition, the LPS production facility is located in the Kingsbury Industrial Park. The industrial park was formerly known as Kinsgbury Ordnance Plant, producing munitions during World War II and the Korean War. After being turned over to private owners following the Korean War, the park took on a dual role. In addition to providing space for numerous warehousing and manufacturing facilities for Indiana companies, the Park now houses a State Fish and Wildlife area, including over 5000 acres of land for hiking, fishing, camping or just enjoying the wildlife. With current work on an intermodal taking place in the industrial park, the location may become even more convenient for quickly and easily serving the customers of the many different businesses.

For those new to LPS, the company manufactures a variety of packaging machinery, from turntables and power conveyor systems to filling machines, capping machines, container cleaning equipment and other custom packaging machinery. In addition to manufacturing, LPS also offers packaging services such as integration, installation and training as well.

All in all, the central location of the LPS production facility allows us to better serve our family of packagers across the United States. Shipping of not only machinery, but crucial parts when necessary, can be done in a convenient and efficient manner. Being close to Chicago while offering amenities in our own town allows the packagers to visit for FAT's, machinery demonstration or just to get to know our company before allowing us to become an important part of their own business. To learn more about LPS, our La Porte, Indiana location or any of the packaging machinery manufactured in our Midwest location, browse our website, give us a call, or plan your visit today!