Liquid Packaging Solutions Indexing Conveyor System

Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures conveyors in different sizes, shapes and materials. Standard power conveyors and non-power conveyors can be seen by clicking on the link below:

However, conveyors are often custom manufactured for a specific packaging system! The conveyors may be for a custom machine such as a liquid filling machine, capping machine or labeling machine. Curved sections of conveyor may be necessary for packaging systems with space restraints. Unique line heights may be necessary for certain products or packaging systems.

You get the idea...custom conveyors are often necessary when the conveyor is being used for a specific application. One example of this type of conveyor system is the indexing conveyor offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions. To view a video of the indexing conveyor, simply click on the link below:

The indexing conveyor uses easily adjustable lanes to position bottles into a single row and deliver them to another stage in the packaging process. In addition to simple conveyor speed controls and an E-Stop button, the indexing conveyor includes easy to understand touchscreen operator controls. The user has the ability to set certain delay and duration times on the indexing and conveying. This, combined with fingertip knob laning adjustments, enables the indexing conveyor to handle a wide range of container types and sizes, making the conveyor ideal for almost any packaging system.

In addition, bottle in place sensors and back up sensors are available on the machine. The bottle in place sensor helps ensure that the containers are in place and ready to be indexed before the conveyor cycles through the unloading process, thus avoiding potential jams or machine cycles with bottle shortages. The back up sensor will stop the indexing conveyor from cycling if it sees bottles down line, allowing, in essence, for an automatic shut-off should a packaging system experience bottle back ups at a point downstream from the indexing conveyor.

Finally, operation is as simple as adjusting the lanes and times and turning on the Main Power. The user will set the conveyor speed of the indexing conveyor based on the container and then simply use the PLC touchscreen to start automatic cycling of the indexing conveyor!

Again, to see a video of Liquid Packaging Solutions indexing conveyor, simply click on the following link:

If you would like to know more about the indexing conveyor, or any of the packaging machines offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions, simply call our toll free number and ask to speak with your regional representative!