Liquid Packaging Solutions March Madness

March Madness is here! No, not the basketball tournament, the packaging machinery parts sale!!! Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. is offering 10% off of ALL parts sales from now until the end of March. From conveyor and turntable parts to additional fill heads to gripper belts for the capper, now is the time to stock up on any and all replacement parts for your packaging system! However, in the spirit of the OTHER March Madness, LPS will take you down to our FINAL FOUR for even more savings. Below you will find some highlights leading up to the Liquid Packaging Final Four!

Two of the Liquid Packaging Solutions Final Four hail from Conference Spindle Capper! Both the Gripper Belts and the Spindle Wheels used speed and durability to make it to the LPS Final Four. The Gripper Belts added extra pressure and had lots of support, while the Spindle Wheels ran circles around the containers!

A surprise packaging machinery part in the Final Four is the Liquid Packaging Solutions standard Conveyor Belting! Consistency mixed with speed and endurance had the Conveyor Belting running containers back and forth at a steady pace!

Finally, the Overflow Filler Nozzle has been the frontrunner for the Liquid Packaging Solutions Final Four! The Overflow nozzle used it's ability to adjust to all types of containers, a good seal and lots of pressure to earn the last spot in the Final Four!

The result? An ADDITIONAL 5% off of the LPS Final Four mentioned above! That's right, 15% off of Gripper Belts and Spindle Wheels for the Spindle Capper. 15% off of standard belting for LPS conveyors and 15% off of Overflow Filler Nozzles.

To inquire or order replacement parts, contact Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. toll free at 1-888-393-3693. You can also email either or!

Enjoy the spring weather, and get yourself ready for the summer!