Liquid Packaging Solutions Product Line

Many of those who inquire about machinery at Liquid Packaging Solutions find our company while looking for a single, specific piece of packaging equipment. It is only after browsing our website or talking to one of our Packaging Specialists that it becomes clear that LPS offers complete, turnkey packaging solutions by both manufacturing and integrating equipment. For that reason, we wanted to take a second today and quickly outline the machinery available from LPS.

1. Turntables

Turntables can be used to load, transfer and accumulate product on a packaging line. LPS manufactures these packaging machines in varying sizes, using both stainless steel and HDPE to meet the individual packagers needs. These simple machines can make loading bottles onto packaging lines as well as packing products for shipping much more efficient tasks.

2. Conveyor Systems

For automatic packaging lines, conveyor systems are a must to move product from one machine to the next. LPS manufactures power conveyors in a number of different styles, including C-frame, Sanitary Style and Low Profile conveyors. Specialty conveyors built by LPS can also be used to cool product or load lines of containers onto the main power conveyor.

3. Container Cleaning Equipment

To remove dust, dirt and other debris from containers before product is introduced, LPS manufactures a range of container cleaning equipment, both automatic and semi-automatic. These machines may invert bottles or containers before blasting each with air, water or other cleaning solutions. Other versions of the machine will leave bottles on the conveyor while blasting them with air and vacuuming out debris. These machines are especially popular for foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other ingestible products.

4. Filling Machines

Filling machines manufactured by LPS are built to package product both thick and thin. Different filling principles can be used for different products, including overflow fillers to fill to a level and gravity, pump or piston fillers for a volumetric fill. Other principles, such as siphon, net weight and more, can also be built for a packaging line. These machines, available in automatic and semi-automatic models, we be manufactured to meet the specific needs of each packaging project.

5. Capping Machines

Capping machines manufactured by LPS will be built for the type of closure being used on any given project. From spindle and chuck cappers for screw on type caps to snap cappers for snap on caps and bartop corkers for T-Corks, LPS will build the right machine for any given project. Capping machines can also be manufactured as automatic or semi-automatic machines, with the automatic versions including cap delivery systems such as vibratory bowls or cap elevators.

6. Nitrogen Purge Systems

Nitrogen purge equipment is most commonly used just prior to the capping machine, though it may also be used pre-fill and post-fill as well. These systems are manufactured by LPS to extend shelf life while preserving flavor, color and texture by removing as much oxygen from the headspace or bottle as possible. Some packagers may also use liquid nitrogen to strenghten bottles before product is introduced.

7. OEM Machinery and Integration

In addition to the machinery manufactured by LPS in the LaPorte, Indiana plant, our company also offers many other packaging machines for integration into a turnkey system. For example, LPS has relationships with labeler manufacturers that will allow a packager to purchase the labeler through LPS and have that same machine added to the rinser, filler and capper built on the LPS production floor. This allows the packager to acquire all equipment from one single location, as well as get assistance when necessary from one single location. Some other equipment includes induction sealers, case tapers, case erectors, pallet wrappers and more.

8. Custom Packaging Equipment

Finally, some packaging projects simply require something completely different. In these situations, LPS will manufacture the necessary equipment for specialized projects after consulting and designing the custom machinery. From monoblock systems to equipment for pouches and unique bottles, LPS will work with each individual company to find the best solution for their own packaging project.

Of course, not everyone is looking for a complete packaging system, as some companies will work their way up to a fully automated turnkey line over a number of years. That is why LPS also manufactures equipment to grow with the company, allowing upgrades to almost all of the equipment offered. To learn more about all of the LPS equipment and services, feel free to browse our website or call and speak with a Packaging Specialist today, toll free, at 1-888-393-3693.